Do you buy cookbooks?

We are always interested in acquiring antiquarian (ie 100 years or older) cookbooks in good, complete, usable condition with covers and no missing pages. Prices paid are dependent upon condition and scarcity rather than age. If you have books you think we may be interested in, feel free to email [email protected] with a list of titles, or even with a photo of the spines showing titles if there are a few.  We are also happy to travel within greater Melbourne or country Victoria to value large collections of cookbooks in our area of specialisation.


Do you have a shop?

Unfortunately our bricks and mortar store closed in 2012, so we are internet based only. If you are in Melbourne you are welcome to pick books up from our home in Fitzroy.


How much is my old cookbook worth?

We are happy to give you an honest appraisal of your old cookbook's value. The value of a cookbook is dependent upon its scarcity and condition. No matter how old it is, if a cookbook is disbound (i.e. without a cover) or falling apart its value will be only a few dollars because of the expense of repairs and because collectors and cookbook lovers are looking for copies that are complete and usable. There are one or two very early Australian cookbooks that are still valuable regardless of condition, in particular the first Australian cookbook The English and Australian Cookbook by Edward Abbott, published in 1861. If you have a copy of this, let us know, you may be pleasantly surprised!!